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Our general objective is promotion of GIS methods and user friendly technology in physical planning and decision making procedures, on regional and local level self-government and administration:

  • The improvement of management methods in land management and in territorial units development with challenge in dissemination of easy accessible for citizens information about environment, nature values and cultural heritage, increasing public activity in management procedures. User friendly information and experience exchange create partnership between Polish and European land use and land management standards.
  • Harmonious combination of European knowledge and experience with Polish heritage in field of land use management.
  • Creation of innovative methods for physical planning based on GIS methods (environmental impact assessment and spatial modelling).
  • Promotion of methods based on GIS technology related to preparation of spatial studies and physical plans, Polish legal planning documents.
  • Establishing bases for dissemination of physical plans in digital form.
  • Development of Webmaping for any spatial data first and foremost for The Study of conditions and development directions and The physical management plan of community.