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GEOPORTAL allows easily publishing any physical management plan or any study of conditions and development directions of the community through the internet. What makes that the numeric database is available on-line not only for the officials from the commune but also for the people. This makes that process of taking proper decision is more accurate in conditions of complete spatial planning knowledge.
GEOPORTAL supports development of spatial planning policy. Complete geo-spatial information is extremely helpful for taking decions morover stimulate and stabilize expand of public discussion in the process of spatial planning.
Importance of GIS webmaping applications is more and more important for spatial planners not only for publishing physical management plans but during the preparations of the spatial planning documents. Gives the great chance for the public opinion to get some information about strategic development of the city or town. In the past GIS was called domain of GI specialists, nowadays because of webmaping applications becames very common and handy tool.
Strategic planning document such as The Study of conditions and development directions of the community or The Physical management plan of community are not only for single PC users but for all people interested in this kind of information. That is way the best form of spatial planning information policy should be internet as a interactive map.

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